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80s Substep @ Raduno !!

Catch Me THERE

I’m going for the Grime on offer (and the beer). DJ Score 5 (who recently joint the Rinse FM team) along with OT Crew’s Devlin, Dogzilla & Deeperman. This event was set up by grime producer / dubstep DJ Rachet, make sure to look out for further events held by him @ Raduno in the future !!

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The Mos Wanted Mixtape !!!!

I mentioned during my review of Little Dee’s “Once In A Blue” (Buy Here), that Mos Wanted was shaping up to be one of my favourite producers at the moment.


Holy Shit

Holy Shit

A mixture of old (E3 Link Up, Sting Mix) and new (Deep Blue Sea, Kick Off Da Hinges Remix ) there’s something there for every grime adoring fan. If you’re not a fan of any of those artists, then you are one very hard person to please !

Buy it right now exclusively from UK Record Shop.

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Top 3 Selected….

Earlier on the year, the Grimefourm crew took part in a poll to decide who they thought should deserve the “Top 3 Selected” label. The results looked like this:

1. Ghetto


3. Dot Rotten

At the time, that was an accurate top 3. But now the forum are ready to choose once more, here’s the options:

You can get involved, vote, debate and all sorts in the Official Thread. (You will need to sign up, you can do that HERE).

My choices look like this (in no order)


The east london MC is tantalizing his fans at the moment as they wait for his debut album “Bud, Sweat and Beers” to land in stores. But in the anticipation for that album, we’ve been treated to two fantastic songs.

“London City” is a good song describing a typical night out in the fantastic city of London (self-explanatory really). The video is really good as well, featuring cameo’s from Ghetto & Lil’ Nasty. “Community Outcast” is an easily recognizable tune for long standing grime listeners, originally featured on Devlin’s “Tales From The Crypt” Release. The tune is set to be re-released, this time with an added verse narrating on more relevant issues to the current economic situation and a fresh new video.

Two singles don’t sound like strong credentials for a top 3 MC, but listeners of DJ Big Beatz show on Rinse FM (3 to 5 AM Thursday Mornings) will have heard more new material with fellow O.T crew pals Dogzilla and Deeperman, of whom had a CD out earlier this year. (Catch the review here).


Well what can I say ? CD of the year (so far), Radio Set of the year (so far), the South London MC is doing loads for the scene. “Money Over Everyone” (Review) was a fantastic CD, filled with a variety if concepts and a variety of grime if you like.

His very 1st vinyl “What Did He Say” dropped earlier in the year, featuring two of P’s biggest anthems to date, “What Did He Say” & “Don’t Jump” along with their instrumentals and last Monday P proved why he’s one of the scene’s best at Kiss 100′ central London studios. Along with a host of other top MC’s he tore down the mic on Logan Sama’s show.


Alas, the godfather of grime. Call me a “fanboy” (an internet term used to describe someone who shows support for a particular artist, whether having substantial reason too or not) or even accuse me of “jumping on the bandwagon” (more than 3 people liking an artist), but no one gets about like Wiley does. Take away Revolver‘s “Grimes Son” and the aforementioned “Money Over Everyone” and Wiley would have the CD of the year title.

“Race Against Time” was full of bangers such as “Where’s My Brother” & “Average Worker”, and is a welcomed CD to anyones collection. His work on other people’s CD is good as well. Features on CD’s from Little Dee, Skepta, P-Money and DJ Magic still maintain Wiley’s place at the top, and with “The Illusive” set to drop later on this month (or this time next year), Wiley is definatly top 3 selected.

Make sure to cast your vote now !!!

Grimeforum’s Top 3 Selected Official Thread.

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P Money – Money Over Everyone – Review !

Back in July, I made a bet. I  promised that “Money Over Everyone” would be this year’s best CD. A stupid bet in hindsight, because you never know what’s coming out afterwards. But for now, we’ll say I’ve won the bet.

The angry intro sets an expected tone for the CD, transferred over into “Single Words”, a tune with a powerful hook and improved production input from Mastermind. An explosive ending to that song is made to look puny put next to “Left The Room” . Dubstepping genius Sukh Knight’s mind blowing production is backed up forcefully by P’s repetitive but effective rhymes. Up and coming producer Royal-T has done a lot of late and his two productions on this CD are fantastic. The 1st of those is “1 Up” which is essentially, a father Christmas sized bag of HYPE. The 2nd tune is far from as hyped, “Danger” features top vocalist Craigg and his vocals go well with P’s smooth flow.

For untold amounts of grime fans, a collaboration between P Money, Wiley & Frisco would be gold. “Cash In My Pocket” remix brings the 3 artists together, keeping Wiley’s original verse, with the added flare of Frisco and the witty lines from P.

For those listeners who love a good concept then sink your teeth into “Fruits and Veg” (see what I did ?).  It works well as a theme but is scarred by previous tunes P has done of similar theme (Grime Dictionary, Sounds and Gimmicks). “Hot Ones” is an interesting concept as well, Little Dee and Blacks feature on the tune, where each MC takes turns to spit each others lines. It’s one of the CD’s strongest tunes conducted over Silencer‘s “Hotheads”.

The gritty, intense and rather sinister tunes you normally hear from P aren’t far from reach, “Cool Safe” provides features from Drifter and Lady Leshurr, who both rip the track to pieces. Of course it’s the main man that shines, and he continues the greeze through tunes such as “If Mans Talking”, “Or What” and the speaker tearing “Man Wanna Know”.

The wide range of topics and concepts is taken to a deeper level with the brilliant “Don’t Understand” featuring musical chum Little Dee. “Crazy” fits perfectly into the sub-genre “Rhythm and Grime”, whilst the real hardcore grime fans would be appreciative of “Gameover” and “Nobody” with there real grimey bass sound (production from Maniac and Dreamer, respectively.)

In conclusion, this CD is fantastic, sprinting miles ahead of the majority of CD’s this year. Many liked P Money Is Power yet doubted it’s strength in productions, but that complaint is pretty laughable on this CD. Best CD of this year ??


Now Get Your Wallet Out !!

Uptown Records (Recommended)UK Record ShopHMVAvalanche Music Hut BoomkatPlay.comRhythm DivisionAmazon

About P Money

MyspaceFacebookGrime Forum InterviewDiscography

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Z Dot & Dolla Da Dustman Present ‘The Go Getterish E.P: Preview’ !! (Featuring Mini-Interview)

Big up top boy producer Z Dot (one of House Of Grimes very 1st affiliates), he’s teamed up with North London MC Dolla Da Dustman to bring you a preview of their joint venture: The Go Getterish EP !! Read on below the cover to hear what Z Dot had to say on proceedings.

Me: How did you and Dolla 1st come to work together ?

Z Dot: It came about through Brutality, when Gritty Committee and Doller made a track ‘Hard As Nails’ on one of my productions, and it went from there..

Me: Ok, how did the idea of an EP crop up ? Was it a mutual idea or did someone suggest it ?

Z Dot: Before we decided to release the E.P we had already made a lot of tracks, so we thought it would make sense to release a product. It was a mutual decision to release it as an E.P.

Me: Ahh I see. So when and where will the actual EP be available to the listeners ?

Z Dot: The E.P has been finished for quite a while, we’re just waiting to shoot some videos before we release it, but that should be happening soon. The E.P will be available digitally via iTunes, Amazon and all the other online stores.. and possibly some physical copies will be made available to purchase.

Me: I’ll be speaking to both you and Doller soon in more detail but for now, what’s next for you as a producer ?

Z Dot: After The ‘Go Getterish E.P’ is released, I’ve got a 4 Track Instrumental E.P coming out ‘Fire Power E.P’, and productions across a number of mixtapes and albums !!


Z Dot on Myspace / Twitter / Facebook / GrimePedia

Dolla Da Dustman on Myspace / GrimePedia

Coming Soon: Z Dot Presents : The Firepower EP !!

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Another Year…Another Fuck Grime Message From The MOBO’s…..

Dear oh bloddy dear. They just don’t learn do they. I gues the MOBO’s just HATE Grime.

Alesha Dixon
Beverly Knight
Dizzee Rascal
DJ Ironik
Mr. Hudson
Tinchy Stryder

Tinchy must deserve this one surely ? If the voters really were real musical fans, they’d appreciate the fact that the boy from bow has managed to grab himself 3 top 10 singles (2 of which at number 1), a number two album whilst still maintaing a respectable image amongst proper grime fans. I’d like to see Bashy win something as well, Catch Me If You Can wasn’t a bad album and deserves some sort of recognition (check my review here). Does Chipmunk desrve it ? Nope. (Cue to AKA watching chav “Oh your jus a hater”). I look at the potential the kid once had, back in the days of Bless Beats and Manaic productions, and then I look at Chip Diddy Chip. Such a shame.

Dizzee Rascal
Kanye West

A kick in the teeth for not grime as such, but UK music as a whole. America has enough award cermemony’s of their own, why the fuck are they trying to take ours now ?!!? Eminem’s album was a pile of crap anyways (Review here). Bashy deserves this category more than probably anyone I can think of right now.

Manny Norte
Ras Kwame
Rickie & Melvin
Sarah Love
Shortee Blitz
Steve Sutherland
DJ Target
Tim Westwood
Trevor Nelson

This is just disgusting. Where’s Logan Sama ????? Maybe they were annoyed about his own comments on the awards, but for goodness sake, just ARGHH. Still, at least Target & Westwood are there, watch out for Aim High Volume 4 arriving October 14th.

But anyways, to the point I’m trying to make, the MOBO organisers have always maintained that their target is to promote and push forward black music, so tell me where above, do you see grime. Grime is now apart of our society, whether it be a kid blasting it out of his phone at the back of a bus in Newham or in the daily tabloids (shouts to the more than ever patronising Sun newspaper and their “Braaappp Pack). Up above where’s Wiley ? Where’s Skepta ? In all honesty, where’s J2K oe the Newham Generals ? So this is just my chance to say well done, and give my round of applause to the organiser’s of the MOBO’s for sucessfully cocking it up for another year ! Woii.


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Happy Birthday To….

SILENCER. One of Grime’s top producers celebrates his birthday today, so I decided to share some of my favorite Silencer bits with you.

Silencer – Wizard – Run The CD

Skepta – Ginger Bread Man – Microphone Champion

Silencer – MR T – Run The CD

You can still buy the following Silencer Vinyl/CD, click on the image to be re-directed.

Help Silencer celebrate his birthday in this grimeforum thread.

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He’s Lee Brasco….He’s Deep With The Lines….

If you ain’t clocked who Lee Brasco is by now then blimey, that holiday to Fiji must’ve been nice. I caught up with the boy from bow, to talk Mixtapes, Blogs & much much more.

Me: Good to speak to you finally, hows things ?

Lee Brasco: Yeah I’m good you know, just here and hungry to keep making more music.

Me: Good to hear, Hows “Deep With The Lines” coming along ?

LB: Well I was listening back to it last night and it is definitely set to do a lot, people will be very shocked ! I got a lot of different flows and styles and concepts on there, the production is sounding booming !

Me: What can we expect on there both MC and Producer wise ?

LB: It’s mainly Rapid, Dirty (Dangerous), Rude Kid and Maniac influenced, also I’ve got a new up and coming producer called Brave Beats and his beats are so powerful but as for features there’s Trim, Slix, Mercston, Rapid, Fuda (Guy) and, Roachee and so on, so it should be an interesting product ! I understand that everyone is different and not everyone will like me or my music but I’m so confident in this so if NO ONE likes this mixtape then I will give up MC’ing, and I mean it ! I know Badness and Wiley said they was retiring but I really will.

Me: You maintain you’re one of the few to be holding it up for E3 at the moment, why do you believe this ?

LB: I believe this because as we know, in Bow E3 and the grime scene, some musicians have gone quiet. But I’m still here going on radio, vocalling, free-styling and so on, I do this out of the fun and love I get from it. I’m not trying to dis-respect no one but it’s blatant to see who is putting in the work and who isn’t ! I just try to keep focused in my products and in what I do because its very easy to fall into the ‘lazy’ trap ! At the end of the day I’m on Twitter, Myspace, Facebook and I update my blog every single day and it’s like some of the fans in grime don’t appreciate the hard work I put in! Some of them are stuck in the world with the MC’s in the scene that don’t do nothing apart from release one tune every 8 months which I find funny! Times are changing so if these guys cant keep up then they get left behind !!

Me: And talking of E3, one of the most popular connotations with that area is Wiley, and of course now, Tinchy Stryder. When are we gonna hear you on tracks with either of them ?

LB: To be honest on this question I’m gonna face reality so I’m not gonna lie… most probably not because Tinchy is very busy with his own career and life and as for me and Wiley doing another tune I hope it can happen but most likely we will never get round to it even though I would love work with the both of them because they are inspiring to be around as they make me more hungry for this music, and a lot of people don’t know this and might not even care but Wiley was on the chorus of  “Computer Girls” and I did a tune with Tinchy for “Drastic Measures Vol.1”.

Me: You and Scorcher have a single called “Skyscraper”, how did the tune come about ?

LB: Well we was talking on Facebook about music and he asked what I’m working on and he heard my track ‘Headturner’ and he wanted to jump on the remix so I sent him the beat and he sent it back vocalled 2 hours after, which was amazingly fast. I gained a lot of respect for him afterwards because he didn’t have to do that he could of made it harder for me to get him on the tune.

Me: Drastic Measures Volume 2 landed recently supported by both myself and Grimeforum, what was your favourite track to make and hows the feedback been ?

LB: First of all big up Grimeforum, the bloggers and all the suppoters ! A lot of people liked it and were suprised with that promo because obviously it was a huge advance from the first because I expanded more on it ! The feedback was good and bad but it doesnt bother me, I just take in all the negative and positive comments and take it in so it helps me become a better MC but people didn’t think I was that good until they gave me a chance and saw the angle I’m coming from ! At the end of the day I make music for the happiness of my heart, I express my feelings through music I don’t do it to gain friends !

Me: It’s fair to say you experimented a bit on that promo as well, where does experimenting stop for you ? Is commercial a route you might take ?

LB: Nah I wasnt experimenting I was just doing what I wanted ! I liked the beats/music so I wrote to them and vocalled them, whether they are different or not ! I’m not out here to be the average MC talking about violence because it’s boring and typical so I try to change it up and make various moods, and if I do make commercial music I will still be going on radio and doing grime because grime is my first love always ! I’m not gonna just use it as a stepping stone to get where I wanna go, I will always take grime with me wherever I shall go or perform ! I’m not ashamed of grime so I will represent till I die !

Me: Rinse FM was 15 lately, in the past month or son you’ve been there non-stop, what do you like about Radio ?

LB: I love going on radio, it’s an honour and the real of element of the development in grime ! I went radio everyday for the whole week with Trim, I will always go on radio even if I reach a much higher status in music. I will never not go radio because it’s all practice and MC’s need to realise you can never be too big for radio as that was a key factor in the reason why you are where you are today ! Every time you go on radio you will always gain a new fan so it’s good to be realistic because I’m sure going on radio is better than being on the roadside jamming or sitting your yard doing shit ?

Me: Plus, I was reading this article yesterday on Grime DJ’s but it was apparent the majority now play Funky instead of Grime ? Is this a hinderence to MC’s at all ?

LB: It doesn’t bother me ! At the end of the day some MC’s and DJ’s wanna get money and big by any means so if it means doing funky as well.. so be it ! They can all do as they please because it’s hard for DJ’s to make money in grime but in funky house it’s easier so they follow the pound instead of the heart but that is common so we’ve just got to get on with it, with or without them ! They are just facing reality that’s all.

Me: You’re embroiled in a feud with M.I.K, what’s happening ?

LB: First of all his name is like a swear word in my dictionary, he was obviously bored and wanted a little buzz but I’m the wrong MC to get a buzz from as I’m not the biggest artist out there ! He said I catted his word and then two days after I heard the poorest war-dub in history, man said ’cause a fiasco, dont really care if your names lee brasco’ even my 7 year old cousin said the bars wasnt really creative and he’s only 7 but it’s nothing to me I aint got no hard feelings towards the guy because it’s not constructive to me ! When I first heard (about the situation) me, my brother Dillusion, Trim and Roachee got on a non-musical hype and was gonna ’cause problems but when we analyzed things it was petit, ridiculous, silly and quite simply a waste of our energy and time then we ended up writing 4 tunes which was good ! So I big up MIK for that (LAUGHS). I don’t want these MC’s thinking they can send for me because I have a good nature because I don’t want to get physical over music ! I said to myself I’m putting music first and not second – if you know what I mean !

Me: Sure and whilst we’re talking of Dillusion, you told Fullygrown there would be a joint mixtape, hows plans for that going ?

LB: It’s just gonna be a 6 track download just to get him back in the swing of things because as we are all aware he’s been in prison so he’s been away from the grime scene. We are talking of ideas and seeing where and what he wants out of this music ting then it will kick off from there.

Me: Apart from you’re own ventures, who’s material will we be haering you on ?

LB: Well I’m going to be working with Scorcher a lot more and obviously Trim and Roachee’s music and also I’m with rapid a lot I hope we can get more music out there ’cause when me and Rapid are together in studio we come up with crazy ideas and hooks !

Me:  Talking of Rapid, what’s the score with Ruff Sqwad ? You’re not actually a member, but are you working with them on anything at the moment ?

LB: I’m not in Ruff Sqwad and I’m not working on nothing with them at the moment, I work with them individually but not as a collective which is the funny thing about it ! It hurt me not being on Guns And Roses Volume One or Two but that’s how it goes sometimes. But all that just gives me more ammo to keep musically strong and realise to not rely on people to help so I had to go out there and get it myself.

Me: What was the inspiration behind your hit “Computer Girls”, a real life event or..?

LB: Well obviously it’s real life stories but I just wanted to have fun with it so I made it a different concept….

Me: A trend for artists these days is having your own blog. You have one of the slightly more well known ones, why did you start it up ?

LB: I started it because I wanted people to get to know me a bit more and see the things I like and don’t like etc ’cause I used to be moany and boring but I’ve learned to lighten up on certain things so my blog is a wierd way of expressing, just like music ! Yeah a lot of MC’s go on my blog so that’s a good look still ! And also if somebody doesn’t like me as an MC or person, there’s always my blog they can like !

Me: Now your slightly more recognized, what’s the best part of being an MC ?

LB: Being able to guide the younger generation ! As an MC in Bow still involved in sets with MC’s like Skepta and Trim and all the main MC’s and also being in 2 music videos they look up to me so I help them musically ! I have so many tunes with guys in my area and god knows what happens to the tunes but I still have input in what they are trying to work on ! Like Halo is working on something and even Smokey Joe is working on a mixtape, he has a tune with me and Rapid. So it’s always an honour to show them to be creative ! Sometimes when I go west end I hear things like ‘is that lee brasco?’, ‘i swear thats that ruff sqwad yout’ and girls come up to me and say ‘excuse me, my friend said your the guy from that video and she said your buff’ so it’s easy you get me ! But it’s all normal to me as I’m a normal guy ! Because I MC it doesn’t make me any superior than the common man walking down the road !

Me: Ah yes, who could forget Smokey Joe !! He’s 7 and he has a mixtape ?

LB: Well he’s working on it now, it’s going to be called ‘Recess Vol.1’ and he’s got a tune on a Rapid beat called ‘2 cool for school’ which was actually tight, he’s only 7 but we gotta get him into perfection whilst making music fun for him at the same time. Some people might think ‘why would you waste your time with this little boy?’, and the answer is because he actually has vision when you listen to his lyrics but what they’ve got to remember is that it’s odd for a 7 year old kid to want to be an MC when they are older so we all take him under our wing because we see how much he loves grime.

Me: Who are your favourite producers to work with and when you’re writing what happens ? Do you find the beat first or are you pre-loaded with bars ?

LB: I love working with Rapid as I’m always in studio with him seeing him working on his album, hearing exclusives and vocalling his tracks ! I always write fresh material to beats unless it’s a very quick ting then I will use bars I already have!

Me: So after Deep With The Lines, what’s next for Lee Brasco ? What’s the plan ?

LB: Well Deep With The Lines Vol.1 is complete and I’m working mid in the second one and before I drop Deep With The Lines I might drop a 5 track free download E.P and I’m gonna work on fresh material for that I’m not doing it because I didn’t want to waste un-used tracks from the rejects of my mixtape, I’m doing it because I want to show I can release just as much stuff as anyone else. My work rate is mad, I just write and write, Rapid tells me I’m gonna do myself an injury if I carry on going nuts like this ! I’m an MC who likes to exploit my facilities (use the things around me such as studio) so I get it cracking ! But like I said I will generally give up MC’ing if no one likes my first official release !!

Me: Great talking to you, any final shout out’s ?

LB: The supporters and constructive, the real people around me and the road tugs that keep me grounded, Ruff Sqwad, Trim, Obesity, Roachee, my fam and the rest of my mates and you for interviewing me check out my blog and follow me on twitter ! Peace…I’m out…..FLEE.

Lee Brasco’s Myspace/Twitter/Facebook/Promo’s/Blog

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SNK Beats – Mucky Midi Man Volume 2

Top Dartford based producer SNK is back, with another free download for you. This one containing 14 hard hitting vocals (including some Rap and a hint of Bassline) from artists such as Ardest Barrers, Blacks, P Money & more.

Grab hold of it here:—


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A Chat With Rival..!

Rival is one of House Of Grime’s newest affiliates. So i caught up with the DJ turned MC to discuss DJ’ing, MC’ing, Highly Rated, The England 10 and plans for he future.

Me: When did you 1st get into music and why ?

Rival: Well music is something I grew up round from young. It was about I would say school times, I payed more notice to garage, So Solid Crew were definitely a big part in getting me into it but I wanted to be involved just ‘cos I enjoyed the whole hype it had and obviously ‘cos I enjoyed it…plus I was shit at sports (Laughs).

Me: (Laughing) Why should people listen to your music then ?

Ri: I think it’s not really a case of why you should listen but more if you do listen to it, ‘cos honestly man done this MC ting to see if I could do it and I’m here now having an interview about my music (Laughs) so if you listen then nuff love I guess I’m doing something right but my music is what I do init simply ‘cos I enjoy it so if you enjoy it as well that’s a bonus to me.

Me: You were apart of the crew Highly Rated, why did you leave ?

Ri: I’m gonna answer this so honestly….that crew took the piss out of me and weren’t respecting me as their DJ. At the time I weren’t the only DJ but I was the best, I put the most work in full stop. I used to do our Axe FM slot with no MC’s turnin’ up, I never got no jingles to even show I’m on decks from them either, but yet we would have meetings about what’s next for the team, but how can a team work when its only me doing radio shows ? So I left and focused on myself plus it was around that time I got involved more with road, ‘cos I was only 15 when I joined them so I was very much getting involved in hype elsewhere (Laughs).

Me: Do you still have contact with them ?

Ri: I talk too some on Facebook and that’s about it, the only one I’m close with is Creeper Crisis, me and him go back before the crew so we’ve always stayed cool.

Me: Forwards as always, how did you get brought through to Alien Muzik ?

Ri: Well my cousin Marger is also a fellow alien and it weren’t until he come out of jail we bucked up on a music level, done a few freestyles and he asked if I’m on joining, but I told him I wanted to talk to Rude Kid first rather than it seem like it was a bring in just ‘cos of who I’m related to, so everyone else heard my music and everyone agreed and I’ve been an alien since. But I knew a few of them from when I was a DJ.

Me: Ok, As part of rap group P.M.D (Pat Man Down) which do you prefer grime or rap ?

Ri: I’m gonna say Grime ‘cos that’s me init like that’s what I started on and when I think to write lyrics it’s always grime first.

Me: So what have you got coming up for the listeners ?

Ri: I got a lot of music for them you know, but I don’t wanna put everything out now so I’ll tell you three things you should look out for. Firstly “Newham Noise” that’s my promo coming sometime in the next few months, secondly “Hate Mail” that’s the mixtape coming soon, no date yet and thirdly my mixtape I’m doing with Bezerk but that’s still in the works but trust me there is so much more to come you just gotta wait.

Me: Bezerk ?

Ri: Bezerk is one of my guys I know from Hackney, he is definitely someone to watch out for, one the hardest underrated MC’s, but when people hear the mixtape then that’s when you lot will all know.

Rival – Grime Daily Freestyle

Me: Your from East London, do you think East is top of the grime ladder ?

Ri: I don’t see a grime ladder when it comes to endz, I just see talent..yes east is probably known for having a lot of MC’s and a lot to do with the origins of grime but music is music it ain’t about endz for me.

Me: Lord Of The Mics is soon approaching who would you fancy your chances against in a clash ?

Ri: Ohh I don’t have no one in particular but I would love to get a call to go on there so whoever is in charge of that, get at me ‘cos I would love to bury any challengers ha ha ha.

Me: What’s been the pinnacle of your career so far ?

Ri: So far I would say going on Westwood and Logan Sama ‘cos they’re very big stations with a high audience so to have all them listeners locked in when I’m dropping bars is big.

Me: What are your goals in music ? Do you see yourself going commercial ?

Ri: I would love to get signed if the deal was right and the time was as well, but the current state of getting signed seems everyone changes their music and goes on to some 140 BPM pop ting. Don’t get me wrong if it works for them, then cool that’s their dreams but my goals are just to get myself out there as one of the hardest MC’s for my time at the moment and get my music across to as many people as I can.

Me: Are you still going to pursue a career as a DJ or is that completely behind you ?

Ri: Na me DJ-ing is dead-out now. I might host a mixtape but as far as going back na it’s long now. It’s all CD and now Vinyl it’s not for me. (Laughs) I’m an MC now. Don’t get it twisted I can still mix but that’s history for me.

Me: What is your favourite aspect of grime ?

Ri: I would say the raves ‘cos that’s when all your favourite MC’s are on stage clashing or dropping their well known lyrics, I’m a fan as well so hearing that is always something I’m on a hype for, as well as the mixtape’s that’s when an MC truly shines at what they do.

Me: What is your favorite rave these days ?

Ri: You know what I’ll keep it real, I don’t do this whole raving thing, it’s all “no hats no hoods” now, I’m not really on that (Laughs) and they want I.D now as well and man ain’t driving and I gotta renew my passport so it’s all politics ’till I sort that stuff out (Laughs) but yeah catch me outside the rave tryna holla the gyal dem (Laughs).

Me: What tunes are you feeling at the moment, and who are your favourite MC’s ?

Ri: I don’t have a favourite tune. I’ve got tunes so I would say ‘Shoot A Nigga Remix’ by my guys in Mounford Estate, shout out to them definatly keep me on my bars, that stupid funky tune ‘Are You Gonna Bang Doe’. It’s so funny man I have to play that and ‘She Likes To’ by The England 10 it’s not my favourite 10 MC’s but nice to see grime coming together like that.

Me: Who would be in YOUR England 10 then ??

Ri: If I was to do an England 10 I would put……….D Double E, Flirta D, Kano, Devilman, Skepta, Frisco, Jendor, P Money, I’d Keep Wiley and myself obviously (Laughs), it’s a mad line up but I know the tune would be nuts anything with D Double would be nuts (Laughs).

Me: How do you see Grime and yourself in the next 2/3 years ?

Ri: Grime in the next 3 years will hopefully be up there alongside pop ‘cos right now it seems like it’s always kept underground and only gets a mention when someone gets mainstream success so I’m hoping in the next two years it will have more attention ‘cos it’s such a growing scene. And myself in 3 years…..I ain’t gonna say signed just yet but hopefully as more of a known artist in this scene and hopefully by then I get paid off of this music (Laughs).

Me: I appreciate you talking, any final shout out’s or announcements ?

Ri: Yeah man I wanna shout out my Alien Muzik, my boy Deathstar ya dun kno family, my boy creeper and the whole mountford estate massive, the Greaze Gang of course and all my Newham niggaz still hustling on the roadside ‘cos it’s all business in anything you do out here. Look out for the mixtape’s as well this music thing for me has only just started, I’m coming….watch this space? Nah watch Rival (Laughs).

And you can do just that: Rival’s MyspaceFacebookTwitterGrimepedia

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“They Don’t Stalk Their Kids But They Stalk Ours”

First things first. I’m not writing this as a kid from South East London. I am writing as the honest grime buying fan who has walked into the HMV in Charlton, to purchase a CD. So all accusations of bias, cleared up there. Looking back at my reviews, they’re not really balanced, they are either negative or positive. So in advance, the latter applies here.

The CD is opened with a soft Flukes production, for an intro it’s quite strong and sets a good tone for the rest of the CD. Next up we have “Electric Love” featuring self-proclaimed godfather Wiley. The two names on paper show Dee’s journey in the scene, two years ago he was on Wiley’s hits. Now it’s the other way around, and this Rude Kid gem is backed up by witty lines and a catchy Eskiboy chorus. A video should be coming soon, but for now onto “Deep Blue Sea”. DJ’s have been battering this one for a matter of months now, Dee keeps his flow going strong with a showcase of familiar rhymes and yet another catchy chorus.

The other day, Dee told Grimeforum that this CD was more versatile then his previous work. This is demonstrated perfectly by “Funny World”. It’s more rap then grime, but it sounds good. Target’s production allows both Littles and long time musician friend P Money to flow brilliantly.

“I ain’t got the time on my chest, I ain’t Flava Flav”.

“Should Of Known” really is a banger. Foot’s production is intense enough to allow Dee to get his angry message across. I have my own thoughts on who the song is about, as will everyone else, but for now let’s embark on what we have. “Don’t Understand” is one of my favourite tunes at the moment. A joint venture, again between Dee and P Money.

Dot Rottens production is good. Very good. The tune is an insight into the lives of both MC’s:

“Ca we’re proud to look at the stars above South East London and see our names in it

“Skit” does what it says on the tin. An excerpt from Guy Ritchie’s “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” if memory serves correct. Not many CD’s are perfect these days, and “Numbers” starts a 3-tune string of songs that really shouldn’t have been used. Futureboy has probably the most annoying voice I’ve heard, and Slic Vic’s beat is just a complete jar. “Numbers” over and over again makes me want to empty the nurofen opposite, and I assumed Little Dee had ditched them 2007 bars. “There For You” introduces us to Ruby, who has a simply amazing voice. Littles actually isn’t bad either, I’m just really not feeling the whole thing together, the prodcution’s just too slow and the songs boring.

“Missed Calls” just isn’t getting played really. Most Wanted is one of my favourite producers these days (See: Jammer – Figures and co-incidently Little Dee – Deep Blue Sea) but the prodcution here is just awful. An attempt to make something up-beat just doesn’t go well with Dee’s flow here. The chorus semi-saves it, but overall the tune really shouldn’t have been on this CD. After that 3-tune blitz, the CD’s in need of a ressurection and “Talking” steps up to the challenge. Another Dee-Money collaboration is fantastic, both do well on Maniac’s classic production. “Passing Thru” is an OG’s group effort.

Minus Dot Rotten unfortunatly.

Minus Dot Rotten unfortunatly.

Every MC smashes up SNK‘s beat, Black’s pretty much destroys it. The man in question done well with some witty lines, and if you’re looking for more of such bars, “Hummer Freestye” is for you. One of my favourite versions of Danny Weed‘s hummer series, with some jabs at Dot Rotten in there. But now for one of the CD’s best songs. I do think this may be my own favourite, “Where I’m Coming From”. Hand’s prodcution is fantastic, this tune is almost anthem like… I’m feeling this A LOT. Of course that tune being labelled as my favourite was a hard choice after then hearing “Millionaire”. Only back in may Littles proclaimed that producer Slic Vic was a cannon, and for this one he certainly is. The tune is quite frankly a masterpiece, and I’m comfortable to play it anywhere.

“Say Something I Don’t Like” is a real banger from O.T producer Shotz, and also has P Money and Blacks on vocals. I can’t lie. Made me want to kick my trainers across the room, Alex Ferguson style. To finsih off affairs we have Dee’s freestyle over DaVinche’s “Rider”. It’s my favourite version to be released, think of it as a sort of summary.

So there we have it. That was a very good CD. A clear improvement has been made since 2007’s “Don’t Let The Name Trick You” with better rhymes, a more perfected flow, and a much better professional feel. Let down slightly perhaps by the strength of some productions, but made up for by tunes such as “Once In A Blue”, “Where I’m Coming From” and “Millionaire”. I don’t do ratings anymore, as one persons opinion can’t be used in a parameter of numbers. Just know this CD is good, in fact, Outstanding.

Big up Matt B of BNTL for the pictures, buy the mixtape from these places:

HMVUptown Records UK Recordshop Hard To Find RecordsAvalanche Music HutRhythm Division.

All details including Production Credits and Artwork can be found at

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Another New Affilate..Q & A With Skillzie.

After browsing Grimeforum last month, I came across Skilzie. Impressed initially by his two promo’s and tunes I heard later on, I decided that he’s an artists I would like here on House Of Grime. Here’s a quick Q & A I done with him.

Me: For those unsure who you are, introduce yourself.

Skilzie: Yo what’s good people, my name’s Skilzie, straight from South East London.

Me: You seemingly came from nowhere (No offence), when and why did you start music ?

Sk: (Laughs) Na bruv I hear that. started bout 5 years back you know, bunking lessons spitting in the toilets and I just took it from there really.

Me: What’s the reason behind your name ?

Sk: Boy, I was gonna use Skillz init but that sounded bait, so I just added the last 2 letters of my name on to the end and ran with it.

Me: You’ve dropped two promos, “My Step In” & “Top Of Da Blocks”, take us through them.

Sk: My Step In was my first thing, it’s got 12 tracks on it with prodcutions from Deverlish, Rude Kid & K.A.D, check it out, the music speaks for itself. Top Of Da Blocks was my 2nd, this was more hard-hitting grime that caught ears. I think it’s 9 tracks..(Laughs)..bad memory ! But like I said the music speaks for itself you can get them both from my myspace.

Me: I’ve heard a few of your tunes on legendary pirate station Rinse FM, will we be able to hear you on the radio soon ?

Sk: yeah man I’ve gotta large up DJ BigBeats for the airplay and yeah BigBeats and Dogzilla are working on it. Large up Dogzy vet in this !

Me: Which producers are you comfortable using ?

Sk: K.A.D, Lengface, Z Dot. There’s bags but they’re my main ones really.

Me: Your new to the scene, are you happy entering with the scene it is currently, or is there another era of grime you would of preferred to be associated with ?

Sk: Na man I’m fully happy with the scene right nowit’s in a good place !

Me: You made a tune sending for Maxsta, what’s that all about ?

Sk: Basically to cut a long story short: I done a ‘lil publicity stunut on the forum, he obiously took offence to it ‘cos it was he’s boy and it went from there, but I ain’t gonna like he’s new tune with Kerry is big !

Me: What’s been the best part of being an MC so far ?

Sk: I don’t even know, you know ?! I’d say people feeling my stuff…

Me: Grime is so often mentioned in a negative light, what can you do to try and change that ?

Sk: Grime is grime I dunno if I can do anything to change it but if I had the choice I dunno if I would.

Me: What’s next for Skilzie, a mixtape ?

Sk: Yeah I’ve got a free thing dropping “Prepare 2 Launch Vol.1” we’re looking at September big up Nu Breed for the artwork, this is looking to be around 15 to 18 tracks watch out for it. Shaping up to be a lot !!

Me: Thanks for talking bro, any shouts/announcements.

Sk: No worries bro, anytime. Yeah shout out Link Up ENT., Deadly Nightshade, Iceman, Shaggidy and Flash, K.A.D productions, Ruthless INC. and all my West Street man 3Brooksey ! 3Tyrone!

There you go. Stay locked to the blog for more exclusive Skilzie news and information.

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