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I Listen To NEW AGE G.R.I.M.E

Do You Know About NEW AGE GRIME ?

Do You Know About NEW AGE GRIME ?

It’s already been a good year for DJ’s and aspring MC’s, with a ton of instrumental CD’s and vinyl being released frequently throughout the year so far. But for many, including myself, this is the one we’ve all been waiting for. But is it going to live up to all the hype, like the promos and mixes have rather teased.

We start of with the familiar sounding intro of “Ugly”, vocally used by Tinchy Stryder (with Delusion and Roachee on different versions). It sounds good, almost fresh, my headphones allow the bass to deafen me before we move on to “Slap In The Face”. It’s not as bass heavy as “Ugly” but the epic hook flows nicely. I wasn’t overwhelmed by “Wobbly” nor “Ouch”, I’m surely forgiven for saying they sound a bit more dubstep-ish and headache giving.

“G.R.I.M.E” comes out as the strongest beat so far, with an almost out-of-this-world sci-fi style sound, and a beat you’d certainly feel comfortable bopping your head to. “Captain” strikes me as another hot beat, the explosive epic-like hook is fantastic listening, it’s rare I find an instrumental that takes you on a journey.

“Boiler” is a different level. It’s fast, dark and very much grimey. I could go further, but calling a beat “the scum of the earth” is ludicrous. Right ? That 6th gear continues on with “Gunslap”, and “Evil Dead” takes you to a dark little room, with padded walls and safety double-sided mirrors.

I’m starting to sound a bit weird, but believe me, this CD captures an emotion that not even the best of the world Physcologists could explain. That continues with “Skeng’d Out”. It sounds a little to “samey” as some of the previous beats, but it’s cold, and not in a britsh winter’s way. “Grinding” becomes very repetitive and boring yet maintains an impacting hook, very very much like “Oxygen”, or Chipmunk’s “Muhammed Ali”.

“Headshot” is one hell of a beat. Skepta’s “Go On Then” & “What Dya Mean” are sampled throughout and with the background sirens and jingles the beat is complete. Recently vocalled by Ghetts and Brutal, but to be fair, sounds better on it’s own. To finish off, we have “Thug”. It’s a highly addictive beat, very bassy and almost dubstep like. Tinchy Stryders vocal doesn’t compare to the beat alone, this has been sublime listening,

SO there you have it. 14 beats, from one of the grime scenes most recognised and celebrated producers, despite his un-foreseen absence from the scene at the moment. And, to be brutally honest, I’m going to run naked in the rain and say this has been the best to come from the instrumental market so far this year. Nocturnal is the only producer to perhaps scratch this monstrosity of beats and bass. Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it 😉 , Frankie. (P.S apparently, the description of “like a PIMP cockslapping a virgin in the face” was dis-tasteful.)

A rating ? Hmm…4.5/5. (Shouts to JJ for putting the CD together and distributing it).

Buy from these places

UK Record Shop (Hard Copy) (MP3 Download)

Boomkat Digital (They have this as Funky, this ain’t Funky)

*Manaic Discography*

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