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Z Dot & Dolla Da Dustman Present ‘The Go Getterish E.P: Preview’ !! (Featuring Mini-Interview)

Big up top boy producer Z Dot (one of House Of Grimes very 1st affiliates), he’s teamed up with North London MC Dolla Da Dustman to bring you a preview of their joint venture: The Go Getterish EP !! Read on below the cover to hear what Z Dot had to say on proceedings.

Me: How did you and Dolla 1st come to work together ?

Z Dot: It came about through Brutality, when Gritty Committee and Doller made a track ‘Hard As Nails’ on one of my productions, and it went from there..

Me: Ok, how did the idea of an EP crop up ? Was it a mutual idea or did someone suggest it ?

Z Dot: Before we decided to release the E.P we had already made a lot of tracks, so we thought it would make sense to release a product. It was a mutual decision to release it as an E.P.

Me: Ahh I see. So when and where will the actual EP be available to the listeners ?

Z Dot: The E.P has been finished for quite a while, we’re just waiting to shoot some videos before we release it, but that should be happening soon. The E.P will be available digitally via iTunes, Amazon and all the other online stores.. and possibly some physical copies will be made available to purchase.

Me: I’ll be speaking to both you and Doller soon in more detail but for now, what’s next for you as a producer ?

Z Dot: After The ‘Go Getterish E.P’ is released, I’ve got a 4 Track Instrumental E.P coming out ‘Fire Power E.P’, and productions across a number of mixtapes and albums !!


Z Dot on Myspace / Twitter / Facebook / GrimePedia

Dolla Da Dustman on Myspace / GrimePedia

Coming Soon: Z Dot Presents : The Firepower EP !!


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