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P Money – Money Over Everyone – Review !

Back in July, I made a bet. I  promised that “Money Over Everyone” would be this year’s best CD. A stupid bet in hindsight, because you never know what’s coming out afterwards. But for now, we’ll say I’ve won the bet.

The angry intro sets an expected tone for the CD, transferred over into “Single Words”, a tune with a powerful hook and improved production input from Mastermind. An explosive ending to that song is made to look puny put next to “Left The Room” . Dubstepping genius Sukh Knight’s mind blowing production is backed up forcefully by P’s repetitive but effective rhymes. Up and coming producer Royal-T has done a lot of late and his two productions on this CD are fantastic. The 1st of those is “1 Up” which is essentially, a father Christmas sized bag of HYPE. The 2nd tune is far from as hyped, “Danger” features top vocalist Craigg and his vocals go well with P’s smooth flow.

For untold amounts of grime fans, a collaboration between P Money, Wiley & Frisco would be gold. “Cash In My Pocket” remix brings the 3 artists together, keeping Wiley’s original verse, with the added flare of Frisco and the witty lines from P.

For those listeners who love a good concept then sink your teeth into “Fruits and Veg” (see what I did ?).  It works well as a theme but is scarred by previous tunes P has done of similar theme (Grime Dictionary, Sounds and Gimmicks). “Hot Ones” is an interesting concept as well, Little Dee and Blacks feature on the tune, where each MC takes turns to spit each others lines. It’s one of the CD’s strongest tunes conducted over Silencer‘s “Hotheads”.

The gritty, intense and rather sinister tunes you normally hear from P aren’t far from reach, “Cool Safe” provides features from Drifter and Lady Leshurr, who both rip the track to pieces. Of course it’s the main man that shines, and he continues the greeze through tunes such as “If Mans Talking”, “Or What” and the speaker tearing “Man Wanna Know”.

The wide range of topics and concepts is taken to a deeper level with the brilliant “Don’t Understand” featuring musical chum Little Dee. “Crazy” fits perfectly into the sub-genre “Rhythm and Grime”, whilst the real hardcore grime fans would be appreciative of “Gameover” and “Nobody” with there real grimey bass sound (production from Maniac and Dreamer, respectively.)

In conclusion, this CD is fantastic, sprinting miles ahead of the majority of CD’s this year. Many liked P Money Is Power yet doubted it’s strength in productions, but that complaint is pretty laughable on this CD. Best CD of this year ??


Now Get Your Wallet Out !!

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